The "Burnin' Down the House" Clean-up Party

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On Saturday, January 3, 2004, almost 50 people from Convergys and The University of Florida's Mid-Florida Research & Education Center came to an event that I can only describe as reminiscent of an old time barn raising. We had called out to our co-workers to help clean the dishes, pots, pans, utensils, tools, bicycles and a myriad of other things that could be rescued. People were everywhere cleaning, washing, scrubbing, wrapping, packing, and organizing.  There was an excitement and happiness in the air that, I believe, was experienced by was truly fun. It was an act of friendship and community, and a gift from so many to whom we owe so much thanks.

The photos were all taken by Zdenek Landa,


Our Thanks to:
(in no special order)

Barb Myers

Chuck and Alice Mathias

Marion White

Steve and Leandra Eshom

Steve and Terri Mellich

Bruce and Tricia Martin

E.J. Sterling

Barry Knight

Nancy Barnett

Sandy Selesnik

Lance and Pat Osborne

Zdenek Landa, Helena Landova, Hana and Dana

Bob Stamps and Loretta Satterthwaite

George Hewlett

Erin St.Onge

Moh Kok-Yokomi

Michele Scheiber

Mary Brennan

Jeanne Yuen

Diane Mealo

John and Kathy Tracey

Doreen Niemann

Terry Dirr

Gail Corlin

Tammy Justice

Brian Nelson

Gary Zito

Darren Byrne

Carol Friday

Matt, Joan (and kids) Spears

Karen Williams

Keith and Pam Russell

Harry, Mary and Liz Brumley

Mike and Kathy Fooshee


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