The FIRE – 2003

IMG_5637.jpgWell, as the old year ends (2003), a new one begins (2004)…Jeannie and I have a new address, but not by choice… you see, on the evening of December 17 and the morning of December 18, 2003, our house was destroyed by a fire. Jeannie and I are fine but about 90% of our stuff is gone. I am publishing this web page together to share some of the experience. We are coping well, and have moved into an apartment. Our old home telephone number is currently being forwarded to my cell phone. So, for now, we have begun another adventure!


The Whole Story of the Fire


The news report from the WFTV website



The First Fire

17 Dec 03 10:00PM – Midnight


The Aftermath of Fire 2 

18 Dec 03 ~3:00AM

The “Burning Down the House” Clean-up Party

03 January 04


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