Whether from family, friends or web searches, good food makes everyone happy!

Pauly World Marguerita – A great Texas creation from my nephew Paul. Easy, tasty, potent!
Baked Oatmeal – Jeannie’s favorite oatmeal recipe.
Country Grits and Sausage Casserole
– Great make-ahead breakfast, even tho who don’t normally eat grits love it.
River Bistro Caesar – The best homemade Caesar dressings I have ever had!
Char Siu Sauce (Chinese BBQ Sauce) Wow, delicious as any I had in China.
Chicken Tikka Masala – Mmmmmm
Cilantro Chutney – If you buy a bunch of cilantro and only use a small bit, what to do with the rest? Try this, you’ll like it!
Terri’s Famous Peanut Butter Pie – Best peanut butter pie EVER!Note that all these recipes are in PDF format.

Please note that these are all in PDF format

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