Our adventure to China began with a visit to Door County Wisconsin, where we heard about the Linden Centre, an educational and cultural retreat owned by American couple, Brian and Jeanee Linden. Housed in a traditional Bai courtyard mansion It is a small property with only 14 rooms. Once owned by a wealthy merchant before it was "donated" to the local government after 1949, the center offers a range of activities in a meticulously restored, peaceful setting. One of the programs we read about was "A Photojourney to Shangri La" with Douglas Beasley, a professional photographer and instructor.

We flew from Orlando to LA to Beijing to Kunming, and then to the Yunnan province, and ended up in the small village of Xihou at the Linden Centre. The next two weeks were filled with sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences that challenged our senses and our conceptions of life in China.

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